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 BotBash launches ROBOPASS... May 5, 2003  

BotBash, LLC Brings Robot Combat Enthusiasts a New Online Subscription Service of Premium Robot Combat Content...

RealNetworks RealOne Subscription Service to Offer BotBash, LLC Content

Phoenix, April 26, 2003 - BotBash, LLC today launched Robot Combat programming to Robot Combat enthusiast across the Internet via a new
subscription-only service called RoboPass, maintained by RealNetworks, Inc (Nasdaq: RNWK), the global leader in Internet media delivery. BotBash, LLC. now offers a subscription-based service through the RealOne network of news, sports and entertainment programming. RoboPass offers the best robot combat video from events and enthusiasts all over the world.
To sign up for the subscription, priced at $8.95 per month, robot combat enthusiasts merely need to visit http://www.botbash.com or go directly to their RealOne Player, click on the Channels tab and register.

RealNetworks RealOne SuperPass members may also choose to upgrade their subscription for an additional $16.40 per month to get the RoboPass, in addition to the premium programming that they already receive from top media providers. RoboPass users who sign up through RealOne SuperPass will also receive a 14-day free trial.

"BotBash, LLC. is excited to offer our fans and participants with a quality resource and vehicle for getting the most best content online today", said
Robert Pitzer, President, BotBash, LLC. "Utilizing RealNetworks innovative technology and services, we are confident that RoboPass subscribers will not only be satisfied but blown away by our new offer."

"RealNetworks is committed to offering the best digital media experience and online programming available to our subscribers", said David Eckoff, senior director, RealNetworks, Inc. "The premium Robot Combat programming that BotBash brings is a great fit for RealOne."

About BotBash, LLC
BotBash, LLC. is a world leader and innovator in robot combat tournament production. Founded in 1997 at Science Fiction Conventions, the company has grown to be recognized worldwide for its unique presentation of robot combat events. BotBash continues to strive to bring new and innovative ways to promote robot combat.

For More Information, Press Only, Contact:
Chuck Pitzer, BotBash, LLC., 310-973-2577, info@botbash.com

 Robot Wars Magazine - Issue #5 March 17 , 2003  

Packed with all of the latest behind-the-scenes features, backstage secrets, battles, tips and the latest Robot Wars news!

The only way is up
Robot Wars Magazine can exclusively reveal that two new House Robots are on the way! Following the popularity of Mr Psycho and Growler, Robot Wars’ creators are working on a pair of even more frightening bots to join the carnage. Get the mag to find out just what is looming about the new bots on the block.

Sixth Wars Champions Revealed!
Believe it or not, the final episode of the Sixth Wars has now been aired on BBC2. And the long-awaited winner has stepped forward to claim its crown. In the new Robot Wars Mag we look at the incredible race through the semi-finals to gain the title of meanest machine. Who could it be???

Princess of the pits
Queen of the machines, the lovely Miss Philippa Forrester, took some well-deserved time off recently to talk to our roving robot reporter. In this special interview Robot Wars Magazine finds out what it’s really like in the Pits, meeting the teams and hanging out with the master of mayhem Craig Charles.

Get into the Zone
Every month we present a complete blow-by-blow description of all the latest battles. Including an overview of the heats, quotes from the competitors and a thrilling commentary for every bout! This issue includes loads of battle action - with full coverage of the semi-finals!

Look into my eyes…
As the terrified judges will attest to, it is one of the most popular competitor robots on the hit show. As Hypno-Disc continues to stun audiences with its metal mangling disc, slicing thousands of bonnets and dashing many competitor hopes, the team talks about the mini-me version of Hypno-Disc and what it is like to see their blood, sweat and tears on the toy shop shelves.

To get the magazine delivered direct to your doorstep and save a wad of cash every month, subscribe to Robot Wars Magazine.
Call 01536 764 646 or email robotsubs@titanemail.com, quoting reference P103

On sale now!
Don’t miss out.

 "Size Matters" February 20, 2003  

Well, Steel Conflict 2 is a wrap and everyone had a blast. With well over a million robots in attendance the arena drop zones and killer KE weapons really took their toll.

Team Delta, the title sponsor, was on site providing spare part services and technical support to the builders as well as assisting in event flow management. Extra thanks to Bob and Beverly for their hard work in both promoting the sport and demonstrating (once again) why we are the leading vendor of combat robot parts.

Also special thanks to John Hoffman for helping set up, judging and being a perpetual good sport!

 Team Delta Supplies "Robot Rivals" February 11, 2003  

Team Delta is a proud supplier to the new TV show, Robot Rivals which will begin airing on the DIY Network in April.

Watch veteran robot builders Brian Nave an Buzz Dawson lead independent college engineering teams to build task oriented robots and compete head to head - in less than eight hours!

More information is available online at www.diynet.com

 Team Delta Launches New Look! January 30, 2003  

Team Delta is proud to launch our long-awaited overhaul of the site. In addition to its new look we also added a product checkout section (no more forms to mail in!) and a shopping cart system to handle your orders.

There are some areas that we left in the old style, namely the robot section and any archived stuff. So don't be alarmed when you click on something and the page "goes to black".

Let us know what you think!

 We have winners! November 22, 2002  
Congrats to the following four builders that have won free copies of Chris Hannold's new book, Combat Robots Complete:
  • Chris Dwight of Canton, MA
  • Greg Gerber of Santa Maria, CA
  • Chris Hirsch of Baltimore, MD
  • Peter Abrahamson of Burbank, CA
Thanks to all the people that entered (over 120 entries!)

Steel Conflict Video Released October 25 , 2002  

My pal Steve Brown has released the first video from his recent Pomona, CA event - Steel Conflict. In my opinion this is one of the BIG up and coming events in the robot fighting scene. So hey, give this one-man-show a hand and buy a copy. Steve has the work ethic needed to grow his event to a level we have not seen yet. That is what you all need and why I am a sponsor!

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