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 To Sponsor Team Delta

Team Delta is looking to associate itself with companies who support the creative side of the sport and who are willing to invest in the community to help young people take an interest in the hard sciences and math.

Partnering with Team Delta is a good idea: not only are there six first place trophies on the mantle but we sell the interface controls that help most everyone else go.

This website gets over 450,000 page views/month and it's full of original content, not info scavengened from all over the Internet. Team Delta is one of the few involved in all major events: BattleBots, Robot Wars, Robotica, BotBash and FIRST.

If you are interested in being associated with Team Delta through product or financial support, please contact dan@teamdelta.com to open a dialog.


  • HAZARD, BattleBots SF'00: First place x 2
  • Evil Fish Tank, BotBash'00: First place
  • Venus Probe, BotBash'99: First place
  • Agamemnon, Robot Wars '96: First place x 2
 To Be Sponsored By Team Delta

First off: don't E-mail me telling me about your great designs and how you'll get me national exposure on cable TV. I have my own great designs and have already been on international TV.

I actively sponsor builders and events (see below) because I want to re-invest in this sport. I have my eyes open at the events to see who is doing cool stuff that needs further support. So if you want to make the list, build a robot that is neat, employs something innovative and show up to compete it. You have to build the first one on your own to prove to me you have what it takes.

Note: all sponsorship monies for 2003 have been allocated.

Steel Conflict II, 2003 BotBash 2001

Steel Conflict, 2002 BotBash 2001
BotBash: Hangar 18, 2002 iHXRC 2001
House of NERC, 2002 CJRC 2001
Western Allied Robotics, 2002 HSRC 2001
North Carolina Robot Street Fight, 2002 ARC 2001
Hobby Show Robot Conflict, 2002 BotBash 2000
Robojoust 2, 2002  
Citrus Robotics  
North Carolina Street Fight 2002  


Stefen Nock: No Tolerance II, BBSF'01
Stefen Nock: No Tolerance III, BBSF'01
USC MaST High School: Team 410, FIRST 2001
Ian Lewis: Warhead, BattleBots 2001
Rex Garrod: 'BRUM' cars, UK TV
Tony Buchignani: Hazard, BattleBots 2001
Tony Buchignani: Wedge of Doom, BattleBots 2001
Jerome Miles: KNOME2, BBSF'00
Jerome Miles: Gremlin2, BBSF'00
Andrew Lindsey: Team Force, Robotica 2000
Patrick Campbell: Wendingo, Robotica 2000
Jerome Miles: Knome, BBLB'99


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